Winnebago Launch

Creative Director, Project Manager | Consultant | 2017


After having been living #vanlife for a couple of years, Winnebago approached me to share they were working on something top secret.

It is called the REVEL, a 4x4 all-season, off-road edition of the van I was living out of. They were very excited about it, but admittedly a bit stuck. This positioned them to an entirely new demographic, younger than their long standing 55+ customer base. They were struggling on how to position their brand, craft the tone, and what channels to execute a campaign through. And frankly, they didn’t know if this experiment of a vehicle was going to be popular, of if it were a fantasy project.

So they did something unprecedented. They hired me and two friends to craft and execute the entire launch strategy, with less than a half million dollar budget. They gave us agency and autonomy to execute, which required strategy, writing, content development, interfacing with key executives and stakeholders, building and managing a team, and hitting timelines and budgets.


Key roles:

Hiring and managing a 14 person remote creative team

Managing fast-moving project sprints

Creative direction of launch narrative

Writing scripts for hero videos

Strategy and execution of post-launch social media tour

“Our goal is to sell 300 of these vans within the next 12 months.” - Winnebago

They sold all 300 and went into back orders within 3 weeks after launch. Their stock value hit record highs in their 40 years of doing business.


How to describe Kyle Kesterson? That’s a challenge. A futurist. Idea factory. Disciplined team leader. Cocktail conversationalist. And Yoda. Kyle brings an artist’s eye and a technologist’s vision to any project.

Working with him on a key marketing initiative for Winnebago was frictionless, fun, inspiring and hugely successful for the company.
— Don Cohen, Managing Editor of Winnebago

Winnebago Horizon & Intent Launch


While we were hired to focus on the 4x4 Revel launch, they also asked us to manage the launch of their two other key products that year, the $500,000 Horizon, and their mid-class Intent Winnebago.

We extended the campaign to include more content and programming to highlight all three vehicles.

Kyle Kesterson