Project Manager, Storyteller | 2018

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A neuroscientist, grammy-award winning musician, two architects, an artist, a photographer, and a volcanologist walk into a cave…

Ok, not the best setup for a joke, but it was the beginning the of what may be the craziest project I’ve worked on to date.

Tayos was a project and expedition exploring the Cueva de los Tayos; a vast and extraordinary cave system in the south-eastern rainforests of Ecuador through art, music, photography and neuroscience.

It focuses on building a global network of guardians for this fragile landscape to secure a future for the cave's rare ecology - free from the threats of mining, deforestation and human harm.

I was approached by a woman in Ecuador who was the daughter of a real-life Indiana Jones. Her father, Stan Hall, was a historian and cave-diving archeologist who spent his life trying to preserve a cave system, in the Amazon Rainforest, Cuevo de los Tayos. In the 70’s, Stan took astronaut Neil Armstrong, and 100 other scientists and military into the caves in the largest expedition of its kind, to establish a new scientific framework, and dig into, literally, a myth spanning thousands of years. The myth was that there were a library of metal records hidden from an ancient civilization, that if found, would alter history as we know it.


Being that these caves were a true Fern Gully of a gem, Stan worked to get the caves protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site so they didn’t get exploited due to mining and deforestation. Unfortunately he passed away a decade ago, short of completing his mission.

His daughter sought me out to bring me on board to help de-spaghetti, project manage, and craft the story to enable another expedition into the caves.

The successful expedition was completed last August, combining a 10 person creative and science team to map out and create content in the caves. The follow up to this expedition, is an immersive exhibition to tour across Europe in 2020.



Key roles:

Managing sprints and tasks

“De-Spagetti’ing” & Storytelling

Content Development


This is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of!

Kyle is the most organized, detail oriented, laser-vision-on-huge-scale-projects person I have ever met. Working together, he not only improves every project he collaborates on, but I learn so much from his approach and work ways about detangling and seeing creative solutions in any assignment.

I enjoy every chance I get to work with him because he provides invaluable assets of prioritizing, organization and driving the tasks: he really makes the projects grow into bigger visions, while creating a masterful steady push and pace to make them into the reality.

I’d clone him in a second if it was moral and legal!
— Lina Plioplyte, Director & Filmmaker

Kyle Kesterson