Co-Founder, Creative Director | 2014-2017


We built Campfire to help create magical moments between parents and their kids around story time. It started from a deep emotional place, after watching kids put down books to pick up and become addicted to screens.

The result was combining the latest in voice recognition, with smart light bulbs and speakers to create an immersive light and sound layer for children’s books. Screen free.

We partnered with the smart light company LIFX, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for an incredible launch, and the beginning of about 40,000 families bringing the magic of Campfire into their homes.

We also built a web tool and publishing platform to allow a user to “score an experience” around a book, whose UX was so simple and fun to use, that 7 year olds were creating and publishing experiences to the marketplace. To date, it’s one of the most special things I have worked on, and their is still a huge opportunity to evolve this peripheral, multi-sensory storytelling.

Family testing:


Key roles:

Managing 7 person team; design, engineering, QA

Managing design & engineering sprints


Creative direction

Content and Story development



Kyle has a rare talent for building products and experiences that tell stories which permeate your soul.

His gift is not just that he’s an incredible storyteller, but that he knows how to build products and experiences that help others tell their stories.
— Zach Ware, Campfire investor

Kyle Kesterson